Drop Hop

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A custom-built delivery logistics app developed during the pandemic aiming to aid hospitality businesses across Southampton adopt virtual kitchens.

The Client

DropHop is a joint venture between Vizulink and restaurateurs, Mustang group. Annaliese Hughes from Mustang group made it apparent that businesses in the local area were struggling to adopt cloud kitchen solutions that would benefit their business. Collaborating with Vizulink enabled the birth of our solution ‘Drop hop’.

The Challenge

Entering an oligopoly market that contains household names in the food delivery industry. This is where we strategised and implemented unique USPs that make Drop Hop the ideal solution for the consumer, company, and delivery drivers.

The Solution

Consumer App –

Our consumer facing solution, built using scalable server-side technology and designed by our talented in-house team of designers.

Available to customers on both desktop and mobile, DropHop provides loyal customers cashback on every order that they place, unlike other delivery applications cashback on DropHop can be used across any of the restaurants present on our platform, the first to offer consumers flexibilty with their rewards!

This helps to drive brand loyalty and encourage repeat visits to our partnered restaurants.

Driver App –

Whether you have a team of delivery drivers ready to go or you need a helping hand with getting your orders delivered, DropHop has you covered.

DropHop is partnered with Stuart, Europe’s leading food delivery courier, offering our partnered restaurants never-seen-before speed & efficiency with every order whilst offering each courier a fair fee for every completed order.

If a restaurant wishes to maintain complete control of their delivery process then they can simply toggle away from using Stuart in the app and utilise our bespoke driver application YouHop.

Merchant App-

Take full control of your venue’s food and drink orders with our intuitive merchant app, allowing you to take full control of your menu at all times.

Working synonymously with our consumer app, our merchants are instantly notified when an order is placed making sure you never miss a customer’s order and can efficiently get it on the road in time! 

Exclusive to DropHop - Berth Delivery

Staying true to our passion to innovation, DropHop is the first food delivery platform that offers the ability to deliver straight to a boat’s berthing address!

Simply note down the harbour address along with your berth number and let DropHop do the rest whilst you wait for your delicious food!

The Result

After successfully helping restaurants across Southampton adopt and benefit from virtual kitchens during the pandemic, DropHop has continued to gain traction from both restaurants and consumers across the city as their main go-to for a quality and efficient food delivery logistic app.

We had always set out to disrupt the big players in our hometown, and with the support of an innovative business community we have exciting partnerships to put Drop Hop on the map
Annaliese Hughes

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Helping ambitious brands push boundaries and drive meaningful impact using the digital landscape, streamlining business process with innovation and integration.

Helping ambitious brands push boundaries and drive meaningful impact using the digital landscape, streamlining business process with innovation and integration.