Digital Signage & Display Solutions

After years of installing and supplying digital signage and displays, we are confident we can offer brands a solution like no other.

Our cloud-based content management system can offer you the power to dictate which marketing message you display based on a certain time, location or even to which audience.

Targeting your audience just got so much easier.

CMS Platform

Deliver specific messages and promotions to your digital displays within seconds.

Our intuitive cloud-based content management system provides companies full control of their displays from any location at any time.

Indoor & Outdoor
Modular LED

Fixed installation & rental available in various pixel pitch

Excite your audience with an eye-catching display that is hard to forget.

Our Modular LED is perfect for any scenario due to their lightweight structure and simplistic assembly with the only limit being your own imagination.

Indoor Digital Displays

Avaliable in 49, 55 and 75 Inches

Make sure you’re advertisements and promotions aren’t ruined
in-store by external light sources.

Our indoor digital displays are the ideal solution to maintain complete legibility of your promotional material. This is done by diffusing any direct light source on the display and using our innovative 4000NITS of brightness packed into the panel, meaning your message is crystal clear at all times.

Outdoor High-Brights

Avaliable in 49, 55 and 75 inches

Much like our indoor displays, our outdoor solution diffuses any direct-sunlight your digital display may experience, even on the sunniest of days.

Gone are the days of squinting to clearly see outdoor digital displays.

Video Walls

Video walls are a combination of screens integrated to create one single large display. Our specialists fuse hardware and software to enable the video walls to work simultaneously with brightness from 500 to 300nits. Whether you want six screens or ten, there is no limit!


Available in 49, 55 and 75 inches

Digital signage totems are an eye-catching focal point for any promotion or marketing message in any environment.

Our anti-glare technology provides you with the option to display your message both indoor and outdoors, no matter how bright the external light may be.

Hospitality Installations

Hospitality installations bring an unlimited number of opportunities for you and your business. Available in all sizes, from a large-format, modular LED digital screen to a 55-inch screen that adjusts to sunlight, these installations are an asset to every venue.

In the past, our clients have used our product to display different forms of content such as Digital Menu Boards, weather, sports highlights, and promotions.

Hotel Installations

If you’re looking to cross-sell products within your hotel establishment, then this is the service for you.

Hotel installations are a great way to tailor to each guest’s experience by showing several products at once, or by displaying hotel-branded promotional content.


E-Ink displays, are a low power, mono display which offers an identical aesthetic to that of ink on paper. Possessing incredible viewing angles and visibility in direct sunlight, E-ink displays are perfect to show essential information in any scenario.

Curvable OLED

If you want your promotion or message to leave a long-lasting impression, the Curvable OLED is definitely the way to go about it.

Nothing quite like a display offering Curvature:
~1,000R (Concave/convex) could immerse your potential customers in what you have to say, making your message that little bit more powerful.

Transparent OLED

Transparent OLED is the perfect solution for any wow factor experience, ideal for seamless shop windows and something eye-catching.

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Helping ambitious brands push boundaries and drive meaningful impact using the digital landscape, streamlining business process with innovation and integration.

Helping ambitious brands push boundaries and drive meaningful impact using the digital landscape, streamlining business process with innovation and integration.